Splash Math


StudyPad, Inc. is a Silicon Valley company that is the publisher of award winning Splash Math App and www.splashmath.com. We specialize in creating and delivering high value educational content on multiple platforms for children's educational needs.

Our Vision

Our award winning apps introduce fun in the learning and practice of math with interactive games that makes kids understand difficult concepts with ease. It all began in 2010, when the iPad was launched along with Common Core Standards that were introduced in the U.S.

Replacing Paper Worksheets with Fun Games

What Splash Math aims is to align its content with the Common Core Standards curriculum and improve math skills for the kids of Grades K-5. Parents like Glenndel Prochnow tell us that for her kid “…learning math is much easier with this Splash Math”

Gearing iPads for the Classroom

We aim to replace Paper Worksheets with Fun Games and gear iPads for the classroom. Math practice anytime and anywhere is possible with Splash Math that works equally well on iPad and on laptop or desktop. Once downloaded, it can be used on multiple devices with the same login and the progress of the kid can be saved and tracked in real time.

Math Practice Anytime, Anywhere

More than 4 million downloads & 25,000 classrooms – uncountable smiles and unlimited hours of fun are brought by the multi-award winning app that is recommended by the teachers and praised by parents worldwide!